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Ma'yan Tikvah connects people to Judaism, nature, social justice, and each other through outdoor Jewish experiences and education.

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Ma'yan Tikvah - A Wellspring of Hope seeks to build a transformative community of people who feel deeply connected to the natural world, Jewish tradition, and each other, and who strive to build a just and sustainable world through their expression of Jewish values.

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Ma'yan Tikvah and Y'ladim BaTeva hold these Jewish values at heart as we work and play in the world:


In the Image of G!d (B’tzelem Elohim)

Live with a sense of the sacred nature of the natural world and an understanding that everything and everyone are created in the image of the most sacred.


Love Your Neighbor as Yourself (V’ahavata L’reiecha K’mocha)

Embody an understanding of being created in the image of the Divine through love, empathy for, and joyful connection with others.


Awe of G!d (Yirat Yah)

Treasure awe of the majesty and diversity of the natural world and a spiritual awareness of all that is greater than ourselves. 


Pursue Justice (Tzedek Tirdof) 

Take consistent action to create a more just and sustainable world for the Earth and all its inhabitants.


Acts of Lovingkindness (G’milut Chasadim) 

Spread blessing and goodness through regular, conscious acts of lovingkindness for other people and the natural world. 

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