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Y'ladim BaTeva

Outdoor Jewish Learning for Kids

Y'ladim BaTeva (Children in Nature) is an alternative Jewish education program that seeks to foster an inclusive and spiritual community of children and families by cultivating a positive Jewish identity with a strong connection to nature and a sense of individual and collective responsibility.


I have been lucky enough to experience my Jewish learning outside in the beautiful sun…and the rain and the cold too. I can’t imagine another way to have done this.  --Milo at his b'mitzvah

Y’ladim BaTeva nurtures, inspires, and empowers children and their families by immersing them in joyful outdoor learning experiences, connecting them with nature and Jewish values and traditions, and engaging them in acts of justice.


Information Session, Monday, June 19, 8:00 PM.

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What is Y'ladim BaTeva?


  • Y'ladim BaTeva takes place outdoors in the woods and focuses on Earth-based, eco-Judaism.
  • Y'ladim BaTeva provides joyful, hands-on, Torah-based learning for children in grades K-8.
  • Y'ladim BaTeva focuses on the individual student, providing differentiated learning.
  • Y'ladim BaTeva intentionally engages children and families in community service projects and acts of advocacy and justice.
  • Y'ladim BaTeva welcomes all kinds of learners, especialy those who can benefit from active, outdoor, experiential learning.
  • Y'ladim BaTeva welcomes all kinds of families, including interfaith families, LGBTQ families, and Jews of Color.
  • Y'ladim BaTeva is family centered, with regular family programs and opportunities for parents to acompany children in their classes.
  • Y'ladim BaTeva encourages teachers to share their passions.

 Contact Rabbi Katy to get your questions answered.

What Parents and Kids Are Saying

   Y'ladim BaTeva has provided a wonderful opportunity for my family to connect with other Jewish families, while learning about Judaism and being outdoors. The commitment to social justice, respect for the environment, and acceptance of diverse identities as shared values has been a wonderful model for my kids of the kind of community we all deserve to live in. -- Robyn G.



My favorite moment was the impromptu Shehechiyanu on the ice in the field. -- Arinne E.


Super grateful to have worked with the JCRC this morning to get a home set up in Dorchester for some Afghani refugees. It was such a mitzvah! I believe we will have many more opportunities to do this and more and hope to partner with this crew again! -- Jessica L.




I like learning Hebrew symbols and words. -- Crosby G.


The Y'ladim BaTeva program includes:


  • One Sunday morning children's program per month for 2.5 hours, at a Metrowest Boston outdoor location;

  • Two 1/2 hour weekday online Zoom classes per month for grades 2+;
  • One outdoor family holiday or other program per month, generally on Sunday morning, but occassionally at a different time;
  • One Shabbat family program per month, which may be a Shabbat morning service, a Friday evening full moon walk, Shabbat or havdalah dinners in members' homes, or another program;
  • an optional and additional individual-paced Hebrew reading, speaking, and understanding program via Zoom for 30 minutes per week; learn more here;
  • a traditional or non-traditional b'mitzvah ceremony at age 13;  and
  • post-b'mitzvah learning opportunities.
Financial Information
SCHOOL FEES: $900 for the first child, $850 for the second child, and $800 for the third child or kindergarten. 


HEBREW FEES The Hebrew reading and prayer program is optional and additional. It meets 3-4 times per month online in groups of 1-3 for grades 4-7. There is an additional fee of $500 for Hebrew classes. 


MEMBERSHIP: Families must be members of Ma'yan Tikvah. First-time families are invited to become members for a suggested donation of $360. The suggested donation for returning families is $650. Learn more about membership here.


If the cost is an issue, please contact Rabbi Katy. No one will be turned away for financial issues.


For questions or to learn more, contact Rabbi Katy or the treasurer, Steve Garone.

Upcoming Outdoor Services & Other Events


As a Falling Leaf: Letting Go and Slowing Down, selected Friday evenings at 6:00 PM.


Shabbat Morning Walks, selected Saturday mornings at 10:30 AM.


RSVP for locations and Zoom links. 




Where to Find Us


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