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Shabbat Outdoors

We seek to offer outdoor Jewish experiences for those seeking an alternative approach to Judaism, interested in Earth-based Judaism, or looking for a Jewish community in a natural setting. We aim to create a welcoming environment for anyone searching for a nature-based spiritual home. Please check out our Events page for information on locations and leaders!

Shabbat Morning Walks

Enjoy a leisurely walk among the trees  with stops for prayer, poetry, guided meditation, and Torah discussion. 

Friday Full Moon Walks

Experience the woods, fields, and river by the light of the full moon as we welcome Shabbat during a leisurely walk across a meadow to the Sudbury River. Bring a poem, story or song to share about the moon, the river or Shabbat.

Havdalah Around the Campfire

Take a short evening hike to a cabin in the woods and gather around the campfire. As darkness falls, share stories, sing songs, do wildcrafting, and mark the end of Shabbat.

Shabbat Afternoon Hikes

Enjoy a relaxed Shabbat afternoon hike through the woods, punctuated with stops to share themes of Shabbat. 

Tot Shabbat Outdoors

Enjoy Shabbat outdoors. Bring your children, ages 8 and under, for songs, movement, stories, and fun crafts.

As a Falling Leaf

Join Rabbi Katy on Zoom for As a Falling Leaf: Letting Go and Slowing Down, 30 minutes of ancient and modern wisdom, guided meditation, and reflection.

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