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Membership at Ma'yan Tikvah

We are always delighted to see new faces and to hear fresh thoughts and ideas. We welcome you and your participation.


Ma'yan Tikvah is sustained by donations. If you enjoy your experiences with Ma'yan Tikvah, we invite you to help us uphold the organization financially. The box below shows the suggested donation amounts for becoming a member.


Membership includes the High Holiday services. However, you still need to sign up separately for the holidays in order to help us plan.


These are the suggested donation amounts:




We encourage you to give more if you can, and understand if you need to give less.


Make checks payable to Ma'yan Tikvah and send them to Steve Garone, 179 Lakeshore Drive, Wayland, MA 01778.


Donate online here, and please add 3% to cover processing fees. 


Giving falls into four categories: Work, Wealth, Wisdom, and Presence. On this page, you can share your wealth by becoming a member of Ma'yan Tikvah, but we also invite you into discussion about how Ma'yan Tikvah can meet your spiritual and religious needs, as well as what you might offer to Ma'yan Tikvah.

Membership Type
Suggested Donation
First Year Family
Individual Adult

For more information regarding membership, please contact us at or 508.358.5996

Fill Out the Ma'yan Tikvah Membership Form

If you are ready to join now, please fill out the form below! 

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